Thursday, April 10, 2008

Three First Socks

Anybody coming here for the Egypt travelogue, I'm still "retroblogging" it. I will continue to add new entries, but they will appear below the ones with dates in 2008. Just scroll down to see them, or use the archive links below at the right!

I'm having a teensy problem with startitis recently. These:

are what I have on the needles in the way of socks at this time. (Don't even ask about last summer's lace scarf.) At the left is the famous Monkey sock by Cookie A, in Schaefer Anne, color Candy Cane. (And boy, is that yarn tiny, too.) In the middle is the Spiral Sock I blogged about the other day in Knitpicks Gloss, colors Burgundy and Bare. At the right is a generic sock in OnLine Sierra, color 889.

The sad things about them are that 1) they are all the FIRST socks of their respective pairs, and 2) they are in order as to when I started them, so you can see my fickleness and how I always and only turn to the newest sock in my pack. What is the collective noun for socks? Maybe since they're wool, they're a flock of socks.

So what do I do when I come home tonight?

Start swatching for a tea cozy.

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Anonymous said...

I had to check out your blog because I am also a sock knitting librarian. You have as many socks going as I do.