Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Horrible Truth

Ever since Princess came to live with me, I've been puzzled. The rescue folks said she was a Sheltie mix. I didn't see it, and so I kept wondering what the other half was. Some kind of terrier? Dachshund? No, it can't be that - her proportions are normal. Definitely not a hound...What could it be?

Then I started noticing how scary-smart she is. Buster, bless him, is apparently not the sharpest knife in the drawer. In an attempt to interest him in eating right after Stormy died I dug out Stormy's old food cube - you put kibble in it and the dog has to roll it around to get the kibble out again. Even with me showing him how about 100 times, he never connected the dots - he'd happily eat the kibble if I kicked the cube over, but never never never tipped it over himself with paw or nose. Well, it took Princess approximately 37 seconds to decode that thing.

Then I had to take them to the vet this morning (her flea dermatitis is slightly infected even though the fleas are gone, plus both she and Buster were a little under the weather - it seems she brought home Bordatella. Even though she got a vaccine, it was only a few days before she came home, and she was probably already contagious before she got the vaccine. So now she gave it to her new best buddy, Buster.) I grabbed her paperwork so I could tell the vets when she got her vaccines and show them her rabies tag. I noticed that the cover of her folder said "Collie" on it. I looked at her and said to myself, "She looks even less like a collie mix than she does like a Sheltie mix. What the heck were those fools thinking?"

I just realized the awful truth. She's a BORDER COLLIE MIX. Just look at her - I can totally see that.
IMG_2951 004
(Not her best angle, but you get the idea.)

This is a disaster! They are so smart they get bored and destructive when they are alone, and I work full time! And I didn't figure it out till now - it's too late - we've bonded! Buster had just better devote his life to keeping her out of trouble, that's all I can say. Or it seems that I am the one in trouble! Aaagh!

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Bug's Mommy said...

Have to add my food cube story...My dog, who is more height than brains, will roll the thing round and round, never stopping to notice that food is emerging, and my parents dog, who is old and wise, and a little tired, follows him around and eats all the food. You can almost see the elder dog snickering as he vacuums up food, and mumbling, "sucker."