Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I finished up my "Vanilla Socks" today, though going by the colorway they'd be more like grape/lime/blueberry socks.
IMG_3227 004
I love, love, love this yarn. Knitpicks Imagination, fine merino wool blended with alpaca and a bit of nylon, gorgeous colors on my needles doing a cool little rhythmic quasi-striping thing.
IMG_3229 006
I've been knitting these at every opportunity for the last week. Why?

I needed the needles back for this!
IMG_3235 012
I'm FINALLY casting on with some of my beloved Sundara Sock yarn. This colorway is called "Basil over Buttercup". I have this idea for a cool pair of socks... we'll see how it works with the yarn. With luck, more soon!

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