Friday, July 31, 2009

Stash Enhancement Experience

I love to share photos of my delicious yarn. This one is another skein of Sundara's hand-dye, preordered months ago:
IMG_3243 002
It's a delicious soft orangey-pinky-yellowy skein called "Tuscan Rose over Lemon". I take it out and pet it several times a day.


Cynde said...

Wow that yarn is gorgeous!

Diana said...

Yeah, it is! I wish I could figure out how she gets those lovely, delicate colors. I'm mildly addicted to her stuff (I say mildly because I can usually remember that I have a mortgage payment and refrain from getting every skein I want, which would be all of them...) I'm currently knitting socks from another colorway of her yarn ("Basil over Buttercup") and the yarn itself is extremely nice to work with too.

Anonymous said...

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