Sunday, February 28, 2010

Knitting Olympics

This is the first year I have competed in the Knitting Olympics. This is because, last time the Winter Olympics rolled around I wasn't yet a knitter! Ah, me - it seems like just a moment ago. When I had money, instead of a stash.

I am proud to say I have finished my project with hours to spare:
IMG_4253 003
Gorgeous, isn't it? It's a christening gift for my new godson, Gabriel (he's being baptized in about eleven hours.) I finished the bind off about twenty six hours ago and blocked it last night. Now, before you chide me about leaving things to the last moment, I would have been done earlier. Let the following picture essay tell the tale:
At the start, picture an innocent ball of yarn. (No photo taken because I didn't know I'd need one...)
IMG_4248 002
IMG_4249 006
IMG_4250 008

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