Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The pitter patter of little feet...er...paws

It's high time I announced an addition to my family!

He's been seen before, briefly, but this post is entirely about my newest baby: Winston!
IMG_4307 004 edited
I've been looking for a new dog since I lost my beloved Stormy in 2008; some of you were with me during the Great Princess Debacle of 2009. Late last fall I applied to Ohio Pug Rescue and in late January I got Winston!

He had a sad story: Winston was in the pound, where he'd been taken after being picked up as a stray. I don't know if his original owners were feeding him caramels or what, but he had such advanced periodontal disease that the pound had classed him as "unadoptable". Pug Rescue pulled him out of the pound in September and spent the rest of the year getting his teeth back in shape - the remaining teeth, that is; his foster mom was calling him "Gumby"!
(I renamed him for obvious reasons.)

Of course, this sad story has ended happy. He's well embedded here.
Like most pugs, he likes it best on the sofa, and good luck keeping him off it, though he learned pretty quickly that he's not supposed to go on the love seat. He's a veteran snuggler, cuddling beside me while I watch TV and knit, helping me type on my laptop, and keeping me warm at night. (During the last cold snap he developed a new tendency to go under the covers, which I think is hilarious.) He snores and snorts, and when he sleeps with his head on my leg he sort of whistles through his nose. I also think this is hilarious. There may be something wrong with me.
Despite these respiratory issues, Winston is quite active, and likes to go on long brisk walks with me and Buster.
Of course, the first month or so there was easily 14" of snow on the ground. Winston has about an 8" ground clearance. That was fun.

He's also a big sweet kisser.

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All together now: AWWWWWW! So cute. Great photos!