Friday, December 4, 2009

South America Day 16: The Last Sea Day

December 4, 2009

We discovered almost too late that the Pacific Heights restaurant,

IMG_1466 068

healthy by night, is a full-on waffle house at breakfast time!

They have four waffle makers going full tilt, plus giant tubs full to the brim with softened butter and whipped cream and warmed syrup with which to slather and drench  your breakfast. Ah, had we found you earlier! I am getting far too used to this sort of thing.

Since the penguins were safely "in the can" I no longer felt obliged to save camera space for anything, and I spent a fair part of the day rambling around the ship filming things like the ship's library

the Observation Lounge, where I met with the little knitting group we developed,

the Sun Deck (there's finally some sun!)

and the glass elevators in the Atrium that Dad found endlessly fascinating.

I tried to film the casino,

but for some reason they made me stop. (Although one of my very favorite books, Last Call by Tim Powers, is all about Vegas, I actually have very little interest in casinos. I'm cheap, and I hate losing money far more than I'd like winning it, if I ever won any!)

Later we had a presentation from Eduardo, which was supposed to cover disembarkation procedures for day after tomorrow and what to expect in Buenos Aires. Sadly, it turned out to be very repetitive (put colored ribbons on all your luggage, match the color to your bus color, watch out for criminals, buses, ribbons, ribbons, buses) so after half an hour or so Dad and I decided we'd got the gist, and went off to get in line for dinner. It is Lobster Night in the main dining room, and since NCL is a little stingy with the crustaceans outside of the specialty restaurants, we didn't want to miss. In fact, they were still being a little stingy - my "lobster" consisted of half a small lobster tail - but there were a lot of scallops in there and they were tasty.

Nine-thirty found us at the best show we saw on the cruise: "Encore". It was a revue of songs from Broadway musicals including Hairspray, The Producers, Aida (a pair of fabulous ballet dancers complemented the song), In the Heights (an unfamiliar Latino-barrio star-crossed romance story), Wicked, Jersey Boys and Mamma Mia. The dancers and singers were a lot of fun, and they wound up with a soppy "NCL Loves You" song where employees from all the departments, including the Captain, the chefs, people from housekeeping, etc, came on stage. I spotted one of our room stewards, Ferdinand, and we all clapped till our hands were sore. The chefs got a standing ovation.

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