Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Feeding the Habit

Five reasons why this doesn't count as going off my yarn diet:
1. It's sooooo pretty! Who could resist?
IMG_3216 001
2. It's only a little bit of yarn.
IMG_3220 005
3. It's from my very favoritest indie dyer, Sundara. She puts up several colors each month, and then - vamos, muchachos - those colors are GONE for at least 24 months. So buy them or live in regret, eating your heart out for two whole years.
IMG_3223 008
4. It's sock yarn! Sock yarn is methadone for hard-core yarn junkies. You get just enough to take the edge off. Heck, I could probably get a prescription for it! "Take 100 grams of sock yarn PRN; call the office if you need more than three doses per month."
IMG_3218 003
5. I ordered it BEFORE I went on the diet. So there! Nyah, nyah! It was bought and paid for long ago and just arrived this weekend. Hah!

PS - there's more in the pipeline, too (*wink*)!

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