Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yarn Spree

I read blogs like the Yarn Harlot's, and I sympathize when she goes to the yarn store and suffers what she calls "a little accident". The intoxication of wool fumes overcomes her and she falls down and her credit card falls through the scanner, and she ends up with more yarn.

I wish I had her excuse.

I am perfectly capable of "falling down" while seated in perfect comfort and safety in my own home. Curse you, Knitpicks! Curse you and your kind! Curse the Internet that causes this unhappiness!
IMG_3215 015
Well, it all has a purpose, more or less. All the black and the variegated pink is my Classic Lines Cardi
IMG_3171 042 edited
the cobalt blue is a Laminaria
IMG_3210 010
(I may have to work up to that one a bit...) BTW, this blue is a lot more intense and shimmery in person!

And then - well, then it all breaks down. The turquoise and the semi solid pink are just bought on spec. I love them and I have lots of lace related ideas, but no specific plans. Kiwassa? Ishbel? EZ's Stonington Shawl? Break out of the box and design a shawl myself?

Anything could happen!

However, I am now OFFICIALLY on a YARN DIET until at least MY BIRTHDAY. In November.

Anyone taking odds?

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Anonymous said...

Haha! You on a yarn diet, this I have to see. :-D Like me going on a book-buying hiatus.