Friday, July 2, 2010

Winston in Triumph

The other day our library had its annual Pet Show out on the back lawn. I usually go to pet everyone else's pets, but this year I brought my own: Winston!
I felt bad leaving my other dog, Buster, home - he'd have loved to come too, but he's a little bigger and has a tendency to knock little children over and lick them when they're down. Winston is a bit more portable.
We had a fabulous time. Winston has never had so much love in one day. He met other dogs,
and was petted and had his ears skritched by child
after child
and if any noses got within his range, he kissed him. (Some of his victims regretted letting him do this: his breath could be better.) Whenever he seemed to get tired of being patted, I gave the next child a piece or two of kibble from a stash in my pocket. Pugs are very food-motivated; he perked right up again!

All of my fellow librarians who could, came out to meet him. We're a very dog-loving department.
No pet who comes to the Pet Show leaves without his just reward. Winston is now officially the Best Kisser!
All photos in this post courtesy of my friend Goldiebug, who usually gets stuck being our library photographer. Thanks so much!

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Anonymous said...

Winston is adorable and fun to photograph; I had a great time. I love the Pet Show, I'm so glad it's been able to continue without the great and wonderful Chrissy at its helm. :-)