Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Moment of Clear and Shining Stupidity

Dear Diary,

Today I decided what i should give myself for Christmas this year.
IMG_2905 003
A new garage door!

I did this Wednesday night, and spent Thursday and Friday calling around to get estimates. On Thursday evening the Sears guy left his estimate in the door:


I about passed out!

Then I got the estimate from the guys at Action Door.


Now, here's the thing. When I was calling around for ballpark numbers, almost $700 seemed like a horrifying amount of money. Now, after the Sears estimate, it feels a lot better. I took it like a shot!

I can only assume the Sears people do not want my business.

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Sheepfreak51 said...

re: Sears Estimate - 15 years ago I called Sears for an estimate on an 10 x 12 deck replacement. They gave me an estimate of $24,000. Yes, that's right. At the time it was almost one quarter the value of the house. We had a new bathroom previously installed for 8K. Needless to say, we built it ourselves for 2K.