Wednesday, August 19, 2009

83 To Go

Today's blog theme is "Post Titles Inspired by Songs". Ten points to the person who recognizes the song this post title comes from - leave me a comment with your guess! (No prizes, sorry - just bragging rights.)

The title sort of reflects my feelings about my unfinished knitting objects. I got a pair of socks off my needles over the weekend - yay me!! But I still feel like I have an awful lot of things going on.

The socks I finished were the Garter Rib Socks in Knitpicks Palette:
IMG_3306 002
I really like how they turned out. (By the way, your neighbor kind of looks at you funny if you say to her, "Carol - could you do me a favor? Take a picture of my feet!") The socks feel comfortable enough even with the aggressively non-merino yarn, but I've only been able to keep them on for a few minutes (long enough to take a picture) because it got HOT here this week. On the assumption that once Fall comes I'll be comfy in the socks all day, I definitely plan to buy me some more of this yarn.

Sadly the Diagonal Lace Socks are making negative progress; according to the pattern I should have started knitting the gusset when the sock was 3 inches shy of my foot length and I knit it till it was an inch too long. So they had a little dip in the frog pond and they're shorter now! I'll start gusseting soon. By the way, if you can arrange things so as not to have to rip back an inch of lace, that is almost certainly the direction your life should take. It's a real bugger getting it back on the needles with all its little yos and ssks intact.

By the way, I was a little confused about how the pattern will work once I get up to the leg itself, so I emailed the designer and she got back to me within twelve hours with the nicest note explaining, essentially, "that's the way they're supposed to be". So Wendy Johnson gets props from me today.

On the Sweater front, I can no longer knit on my Ivory Pinwheel Sweater due to the current sweltering weather referenced above - the thing is just too big and cozy to put on my lap at the moment. However, I cast on for the first sleeve of my Classic Lines Cardi! I'm really excited about this sweater, which will be my first raglan sweater; I hope it looks good when it's done. The fabric is nice and soft and squooshy, and the color pattern where you add in a contrast strand every sixth row creates a powerful pull to do "just one more repeat". I think I'll get a lot done on this.

Signing off; gotta go knit!

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Diana said...

By the way, just for the record: the song referenced in the post title is "Book Report" from the musical "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown". In it, they all have to write a 100-word book report on Peter Rabbit, and Lucy is seeing how many words she needs after putting together her first sentence. I'm sure you were all waiting for that with bated breath!