Sunday, August 23, 2009

Close to the precipice

Why, oh why did I ever think I could hold out six full months on a yarn diet?

I have yarn.

It's just that I also love yarn.

And even though I am trying not to let myself buy yarn, I can't help going off to look at yarn.

It's the Internet's fault, really. If it weren't for the Web I wouldn't hear about all these glorious yarns, and then I wouldn't develop a hankering for them that amounts to physical pain, and even if I did, say by seeing some yummy yarn my friends are knitting, I wouldn't be able to buy any because a lot of the yarns I am yearning for aren't carried at either of the two (very good) LYSs (that's Local Yarn Stores) I go to.

I'll tell you how sad this is: I've been wanting to try Blue Moon Fiber Arts' Socks that Rock sock yarn because I have seen many knitters' pretty pictures of it. Last night I went to their site and spent I don't know how much time poring over the photos. I went on Ravelry to see how the various colors I liked knitted up. I clicked buttons to put yarn in my shopping cart. I filled out the purchase forms all the way to where you have to put in your credit card number before I took hold of myself and wrenched myself away from the computer screen.

But I triumphed! I did NOT buy the yarn! However, since I registered with their system I now have a "permanent shopping cart" - in other words, that yarn will just stay in there taunting me until I manually take it out.

Or buy it.

In November.

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