Friday, August 28, 2009


My library, in an effort not to go bankrupt, is saving money by being closed today (and one Friday a month for at least the rest of the year). So I am home "on unpaid furlough".

Now, there are very definitely worse things! They could have cut my pay without my getting a day off out of the deal! So I want to share with you what a librarian does on furlough:

1. She sleeps late!
2. She noodles around on her computer,
3. She tempts herself (again) by surfing yarn websites but is a good girl,
4. She plays with her dog,
5. She bakes a pie,
6. She watches a bunch of mindless TV while knitting (FUN!) and
7. She has dinner at a good friend's house.

So it's a pretty good day, all told!

I leave you with an utterly charming Youtube video (hat tip: Mark Shea, "Catholic and Enjoying It"):


Janet said...

Hi Diana, How Can I get this video about the Dog? Mine passed away about the time you were posting this. It was special for me to watch. Thanks for posting. I found you through Knitting site.

Diana said...


I'm delighted you enjoyed the video, and sorry about your dog. They are wonderful creatures, aren't they? Mine gives me joy every day.

This is a Youtube video, so you can watch it anytime online - if you want to go back frequently, make a shortcut to its page here:

If you want to buy a DVD of it, the creator sells one for $10 through this website:
Go there and look at the column on the left for purchasing info. No affiliation!