Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gold Star for Froggin'

The Diagonal Lace socks
IMG_3292 015
are in trouble again; I pulled them back too far last time so when I turned the heel the foot was too short. Also, when I tried them on it became clear that there was a "going over my heel" issue beginning to make itself felt.

Well, it's only knitting. To save time by checking first, I knit the other sock 1/2 inch longer, with a correspondingly larger gusset to make them possible to pull on when full length, then turned the heel and knit the flap. It worked very well but I am four stitches over my count on the back of the leg. I think I'll just decrease them away over the next two rounds. I'm so totally winging these socks that it'll be a marvel if they are foot-shaped by the end of this!

Also, if you note the time stamp on this post you'll see why I'm not as coherent as I normally am! I seem to be constitutionally incapable of leaving such a "clean-up" project till morning. It was 1:48 AM when I finally finished winding the yarn back on to the ball!

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