Thursday, September 10, 2009

Biker Chick

I had a lovely treat the Friday before Labor Day weekend: I got to see my cousin Sandy and her husband Jack. They live on the far side of Chicago, and we don't get out there too often - especially now that my brother's moved out of the state.

Luckily, Sandy's brother and sister still live in western New York. This means that every so often they pass this way on one end or other of a trip, and sometimes they have time to stop and visit with us.

This time they were traveling by road. Specifically, they were on their Harley!
They actually each own one, but this trip they shared, with Sandy riding pillion. They have the look right, didn't they?

We all went out to breakfast and had a great time talking up a storm - it took forever to eat because our mouths were so busy doing other things - and then headed back to Dad's for more chatting until they had to pack up and leave. They were on the homeward leg of their trip and needed to be in Illinois by the end of the day. As they loaded up the saddlebags on the motorcycle I plucked up my courage and asked for a ride. As all enthusiasts, Jack was glad to comply!
I borrowed Sandy's helmet and off we went, making a big loop of five miles or so and returning to Dad's house ten or fifteen minutes later, triumphant:
I had a blast, though I'm not saving up for my own yet or anything. Sadly, a few minutes later they headed on their way (though they stopped off quickly at my place to meet Buster.) Hopefully it won't be five years before the next time I see them!

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