Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bloggin' from the DX

Coming to you live from the fourth annual Dessert Extravaganza at the Stow-Munroe Falls Public Library!

Every year, our Library Foundation sponsors an event known as the Dessert Extravaganza, or DX for short. It's their big annual fundraiser, and it is a gala event by any standards.

Right now I'm sitting behind the desk watching the crowds of attendees swirling around. There are two areas of concentration: the dessert tables and the silent auction tables.

For the auction, we get donations of gift baskets, fitness memberships, tandem bicycles and a diamond necklace (this year's necklace is a beautiful pink tourmaline surrounded by small diamonds, set in silver? platinum?) among many other things and people use their ticket numbers as bid numbers for the auction. These things are donated by businesses, mostly, but also some private individuals.

As for the desserts, we had about seventeen local restaurants participate this year, bringing sample size servings of ice cream, tiramisu, cupcakes, French Toast cookies (Thank you, Susie Biscotti!) and (YUM!) chocolate bread pudding from Moe's. (I got freed from my duties as a ticket seller long enough to make a pass through the fields of bounty and nibbled on many yummy objects, though not as many as I would like (but probably more than I should).

My boss seems to have won the bidding the tray of cookies from Susie Biscotti - I'm jealous, but I have a feeling she'll share. And she picked up a book because she needs more of those.

I'll try to add a couple of photos to this post over the next day or so,
(ETA: Here's one!)
but that will have to wait until they go up on the library's Flickr page. Final bidding is about to commence: Must go!

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