Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fireworks in My Backyard

So there I was, peacefully cooking myself a quesadilla for dinner and watching Dr. Who on DVD. (You mean you don't eat dinner at 9:15 PM? You mean you don't lose two hours down a black hole every time you sit down at your computer "just for a second" to check your email or Facebook or something after getting home from work?) Anyway, there I was, when...


Outside, about half a mile from my driveway, the City of Stow was putting on a Labor Day fireworks display! It caught me by surprise, since I'm not really very good at keeping up with the local news.

I moved my frying pan off the burner, turned off the stove, went to the garage door, fell over Buster who was most uncharacteristically trying to go out the door from behind which those booming noises were coming, put Buster's leash on him, went out to the garage, fell over Buster's leash, since he decided that his previous desire to go out with me was dangerously unwise, put Buster back in the house, went out alone and watched some fireworks, remembered my camera has a fireworks setting, ran back in to get it, fell over Buster who was hovering by the garage door, ran outside and watched the rest of the show while trying to take some pictures. Buster appears to have spent the remainder of his time behind the sofa.

My wee camera did its best, though I really need a tripod for this sort of thing. The display was really gorgeous, with lots of shimmery ones, lots of big crysanthemums, and lots of those packed shaped charges that are so fashionable just now. Thanks, Stow!

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