Monday, November 5, 2007

Day 10: Esna and Points North

By the time we got back to the boat they'd rearranged themselves and we had the inside slip, so we walked straight aboard, so I didn't get to peek at anyone else's boat anymore. We do have to put up with other groups walking through our saloon, however.

But not for long, because we soon cast off again and made our way north. We're heading to the lock at Esna, but in the meantime Dad and I have planned a heavy schedule of loafing on the sun deck. After our naps.

Once we made it up to the sun deck and adjusted to the heat, we reveled in the cruise. There was always something interesting to look at, like a boat with a striped sail,


or the way the trees can only grow close to the Nile, and then suddenly the soil runs out and there's only red desert and rock:


These guys are floating shopkeepers who come up to boats waiting to go through the locks and try to sell you stuff from their boat. A floating bazaar!


This felucca looks like it actually works for a living!


Egyptian crows aren't all black! They have little gray vests on!


You have to go through the old lock (which doesn't work anymore)



to get to the new lock:


which dropped our boat 14 feet. I'm sure this isn't the first time I've been through a lock, but it's the first time I remember and I was very interested!

Of course, we got thirsty during the hot afternoon:


By the time we made it through the lock it was dusk, and it was time to get ready for the Black and White Dinner, for which we were requested to wear red. No, black and white really. This was also the night they called up everyone celebrating a birthday or anniversary on the trip and had us cut a cake. (My birthday is the day before we return home.)

After dinner the crew were putting on a show in the lounge. Dad went and had a great time, but unfortunately I am coming down with something. My throat is getting increasingly scratchy and my breathing could be better. I'm a little nervous - I really don't want to get sick. We have another early day tomorrow!

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