Sunday, November 4, 2007

Day 9: Cruisin' with the Nubians

Once we were safely back on board, the River Anuket finally took to the waters. We had to traverse about 30 miles down the Nile to get from Aswan to the temple at Kom Ombo where we would dock for the night.

After lunch, Dad and I climbed to the sun deck to enjoy our cruise.


When the boat is moving, there is the loveliest breeze up there! With the breeze, it only takes a few minutes to get used to the heat enough to enjoy yourself.

This felucca boat


has tilted its sail to duck under a spectacular looking suspension bridge.


When you looked at the riverbank you would see little shade lean-tos, and people with their livestock (most often goats or water buffalos):


On this short cruise, we were accompanied by several Nubian men and women - I think they are a family. The ladies set up little jewelry-selling stalls on the floor of the sun deck, and one lady gave henna "tattoos".


She pipes a paste made of henna and other herbs onto your skin with a little "pastry bag" arrangement. The paste takes about an hour to dry, after which you can scrape it off and the pattern has been dyed into your skin. It remains for a couple of weeks.


I've had henna done lots of times with my SCA friends, but this is the first time I've had black henna. Usually the stain is a reddish brown color. I got mine on my wrist:


The Nubian men were musicians, and they played local music in the background. Some of our group got up and grooved to the beat.


It's a tough life, but I can take it.


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