Friday, November 9, 2007

Day 14: Birthday Dinner

At the end of the cocktail party we adjourned across the courtyard to the Egyptian Nights restaurant.
IMG_0401 cairo
I'd asked Dad if we could eat there for my birthday. I was determined not to leave Egypt without eating goat!

While the evening was pretty fun, it wasn't quite as psychedelic as you'd think from the photos. I apologize - I haven't figured out how to take good night photos yet!
I love how the "roof" of this place looks like the inside of a tent,
and I love the no-temperature breeze (You know, when the air is neither cool nor warm, but it moves just enough to feel lovely on your skin.)

We ate with Pete,
Diane and Sherm, and Abe
and Mary.
It was a really nice group, and we had a great evening. Everyone chatted and told funny stories, and generally slowed down and relaxed. We had plenty of time for that because dinner took about two hours. One thing the service here is not, is fast.
We ate more of the delicious flatbread, baked by these ladies:
The lady on the right puts portions of dough on the lazy susan, which is piled with farina, while the lady on the left tosses them into the brick oven and then brings them out again on a paddle. They are then tossed into a basket and brought to you still hot.

I had my goat, which was really delicious - that goat had lived a fat, happy life - and Dad had veal chops. Everyone's food looked wonderful, in fact. We experienced a little more local color when the hibiscus tea guy came around:
He rings a bell to tell you he's coming with his giant carboy of karkadeh, and he will pour you a glass if you want. Also, the restaurant will rent you a hookah pipe. Nobody at our table partook, but some of our traveling companions did:
It was a wonderful birthday dinner. When the bill arrived, both our meals came to £250; when we did the math that worked out to only about $50 American! Our club sandwiches came to almost that!

After dinner, we went back to our room and sat on the balcony for a little bit, enjoying the air and the view:
(That's the restaurant on the right.)


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