Sunday, November 4, 2007

Day 9: People

I see I haven't mentioned our traveling companions very much - I've been spending all my time describing the sights, the food, and what Dad and I were up to that you must think we were all alone on our trip! Nothing could be further from the truth. Our group was full of fun and interesting people.

We started connecting with people all the way back at JFK International. During our long wait, we struck up an acquaintance with Don and Shirley,

and soon after we met Frank and Ginger. Here's Frank:

We also spent some time with Merle and Pauline (I mentioned them the first day we were in Egypt),

and we hung out a lot with the lovely and very fun Abe and Mary from New York.

Pete and Virginia added to the hilarity (especially Pete),
IMG_0943 pete and virginia
Sorry, Virginia - I have a dozen pictures of your back and none of your face!

and Diane and Sherm were good company too.
IMG_1244 sherm and diane

There were lots of other fun folks on the trip, like these three gals - young people, you know, like me - I never did get their names, but they were traveling together and they seemed to be having the greatest time, and this whole family named Latimer - I think seven of them - celebrating the parents' 50th wedding anniversary if I remember correctly.

Not wanting to put lots of other people's personal details on the Web, I'm only going to say that the company of all these great folks made our trip even more enjoyable and interesting than it would otherwise have been, and I hope we did the same for them.

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