Saturday, November 10, 2007

Day 15: Look Homeward, Angel

Well, this is farewell to Egypt. Back to the airport, back on a plane, and back to the states. They practically made Dad strip at the airport. I've heard from several people that airport security is much stricter on flights to the US than it is on flights from the US, and I think it must be true. Nobody wants to be responsible for missing a problem on its way into the States.

On the flight, Dad and I were way in the back of the plane, in a short row of only two seats: window and aisle. That was great - we're going to try to do the same thing the next time we fly - because we could get OUT when we needed to.

We were on the right side of the plane, so Dad got out his maps and we were able to identify some of the coastlines we were flying over. We saw the Italian coast: here is Mount Vesuvius:
and we thought this might be Elba (where they sent Napoleon the first time):

We landed in New York, slept overnight, and returned home on the 11th. I have had so much fun! Dad, too, has really got the International Travel Bug: now we're planning a trip to China!

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