Thursday, November 5, 2009

Life with Conehead

My poor Buster had some surgery last week. To be specific, he suffered the "most unkindest cut of all." (My male readers have just crossed their legs unconsciously...)  [No, he wasn't neutered before. I adopted him as an adult, so it wasn't going to change his behavior which was fine anyway, and since he never goes outside off his leash I knew he wasn't fathering any puppies. I just never got around to it. But he has these little tumors that the vet thinks are testosterone sensitive, so removing the testosterone may make them shrink. I hope it works!]

Anyway, the silver lining here is Buster's increased entertainment value. Or as I now call him, "Conehead". Here he is in his Henry XIII outfit:

IMG_3438 003
It wasn't so funny the first night though. He wasn't very good at maneuvering with the collar on yet, so the whole night went like this:
Soft sleeping sounds from the bed.
*THUD* from Buster ramming his collar into the door frame.
"Buster! Shut up and lie down!" from the bed.
More sleep sounds.
*THUD* - this time he's whacked into the wall itself.
Wailing. "Buster! Settle!" Sound of pillow and blanket being pulled over head.
Repeat until dawn.

What I find impressive is his ingenuity - he managed to come down with the Cone of Silence directly over his food bowl so he could eat!

IMG_3440 005

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