Monday, November 30, 2009

South America Day 11: The Southernmost City in the World, According To Argentina

November 29, 2009

We docked at Ushuaia at noon - there's a real dock here, too, so no riding in tenders this time!

IMG_1343 024

We just went on down to deck 3, stepped ashore, and walked toward land with the Sun looming over us:

IMG_3809 041

There was quite a walk to shore, the dock being very long, and there was a lot to see, including mountains,

IMG_3810 042

fellow tourists (I volunteered to take a picture of these two together)

IMG_3811 043

more mountains

IMG_1345 026

and a pretty little town with its back to the mountains.

IMG_3812 044

The streets were steep, and the buildings well designed to shed the snow:

IMG_3813 045

Winter here must be entertaining. We found another internet cafe and checked email, then wandered the quaint streets,

IMG_3814 046

enjoyed a penguin mural,

IMG_3817 049

and posed for pictures in front of stuff.

IMG_1346 027

IMG_1348 029

The weather was chilly, breezy and bright, but not cold. It made me all cheerful.

IMG_1347 028

We picked up some postcards, scribbled on them and posted them to ourselves so they'd be postmarked Ushuaia; this is the southernmost post office we'll have access to. The folks that sprung for the $2400 optional tour to Antarctica get to mail their postcards from the southernmost post office there is (actually it's just a postal drop, but they'll still have Antarctica postmarks if their postcards arrive at all.)

Back in our stateroom I discovered that we had a really nice view of Ushuaia tucked up between the water and the rock:

IMG_3819 051

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