Wednesday, November 25, 2009

South America Day 7: Lazy Morning

November 25, 2009

We breakfasted at the Four Seasons again today. Dad said he went to the Garden Cafe yesterday and it was a zoo - he ended up having to eat outside. We're going to take advantage of our perks!

This morning we did some more ship exploration. Deck 7, known as the International Deck, houses the Sun Club Casino:

IMG_1507 109

IMG_1505 107

Unfortunately, it was closed today (these photos were taken later). The casino's only open when the ship is in international waters and we are a long way inland at the moment. This part of Chile's coast is denticulated with zillions of little channels and waterways, and we are way up inside one today.

Personally I don't get the appeal of the slots or the tables, but fortunately there were still the shops! Just aft of the casino is the Galleria; there you could buy necessities (there was a brisk trade in sweatshirts as we got farther south, and closer to the Antarctic), souvenirs

IMG_1501 103

and luxuries.

IMG_1499 101

We had fun poking around but didn't buy anything. Instead we grabbed today's puzzles in the library and returned to our stateroom where right in the middle of puzzling I suddenly rolled over and fell asleep. I guess I'm still recovering.

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