Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Packing Lite

Dad and I are in the final phases of preparing to go on our cruise to South America. We'll be gone for three weeks, the same length of time as China, but the packing is giving me major challenges. The big problem is that we really need clothes for three separate seasons.

We're flying from Miami to Santiago, Chile, where we will stay for several days. It's late Spring there so the temps are in the upper 70s to low 80s, which I'm looking forward to since we had 38 degrees and sleet today. Next, we board the Norwegian Sun and head south along the coast, stopping in at various ports and ending up cruising through the Patagonian Fjords looking at glaciers. (By the way, did you know Chile had glaciers? Fjords? I didn't think so.) Logic indicates that glacier viewing should probably not be done in capri pants, don't you think? We go right around Cape Horn at our southernmost, and even their summer temperatures don't break 60 very often; overnight lows are around 40. Then we head back North again into warm weather and end up with several days in Buenos Aires, back in the 80s. So I need to pack clothes for every temperature from 85 to 40 degrees, in one suitcase (50 pound maximum) and one carry on (max weight 18 measly pounds)!

This is where I'm at so far:
IMG_3442 002
Wish me luck!

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