Wednesday, November 25, 2009

South America Day 7: ¿Río grande? ¡No! ¡Río pequeño!

[Every now and then I have to throw some Spanish in. If it bothers you, try!]

The farthest point of our bus trip was the Río Simpson Nature Preserve:

IMG_1288 018

We had a pleasant ten-minute walk down to a smallish river (the Río Simpson, I would guess)

IMG_3672 036

and along a little path past labeled examples of the local flora.

IMG_3682 046

IMG_3680 044

IMG_3670 034

IMG_3678 042

Sadly I found no Monkey Puzzle trees, but their highlight is one of those huge tree trunks where they've dated the rings and noted important events:

IMG_3681 045

This tree was apparently here when Francis Drake sailed by, although it's too young to have been there for Magellan.

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