Thursday, June 5, 2008

China Day 06: Hainan Airlines and the KFC Chicken Burger

After lunch, we headed off to the airport to fly to Shanghai. This was the domestic airport, not the glitz-n-glam international airport we came in through.

The Chinese take their airport security very seriously indeed. When we went through security, they inspected my asthma inhaler - the dude actually sniffed it! I found out later I was lucky - some security wonk in another line made one of us actually TAKE hers! Also, one lady got her nail polish confiscated - you can't take ANY liquids or gels through security here, not even those smaller-than-3-oz bottles that are OK in the states. Dad of course got the pat-down due to his hip. At least they didn't take my knitting away from me.

We are flying on Hainan Airlines, one of China's domestic airlines. The plane was quite new and clean, and the cabin crew did the cutest thing: shortly after takeoff, they came out and lined up at the front of the cabin while the loudspeaker introduced each one and he or she bowed. If I'd been quicker with my camera there would be a photo.

This is one of those nights where dinner is not included - when we land in Shanghai we will go straight to the theater for an acrobatic show. Fred has learned along the way that if he doesn't feed his "family" they will be cranky; therefore, he collected some money and called ahead to our Shanghai guide to pick up a sack full of "KFC Chicken Burgers" for those who wanted them. Dad and I, who definitely know we get cranky when our blood sugar drops, opted in.

This brings up something funny about China. Of all the American fast-food joints, Kentucky Fried Chicken has by far the best market penetration. Don't get me wrong, we did see Micky D in the big cities, but for every Golden Arches there were a LOT more KFCs:
The Colonel's smiling face kept us company all along the way. Maybe the Chinese like it because it's red.

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