Wednesday, June 18, 2008

China Day 19: Factory Shopping, Jewelry Edition

This is the last of our enforced shopping trips, and to my mind, this one is kind of pointless. We've had quite a few - cloisonne, jade, carpets, silk, embroidery, lacquerware, tea, and now jewelry
- and most of them have been really interesting. But jewelry...maybe it's because my buddy Robert's been making jewelry for years so I've seen plenty of techniques and processes. Maybe it's because I don't wear much jewelry myself. Maybe it's because the other factories' crafts were specifically Chinese and the jewelry is sort of generically international. But this place didn't do very much for me.

Admittedly some of the other folks on the trip seemed to find things they liked. While waiting and browsing around, I "helped" one lady buy an Omega chain. Some might call it enabling; I call it vicarious shopping!

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