Tuesday, June 10, 2008

China Day 11: Fake Out!

Today we began our Yangtze cruise with a 6:30 AM wake up call - at 7 AM the Princess Elaine is scheduled to pass through the locks at the Gezhouba Dam, not to be confused with the controversial Three Gorges Dam. The Gezhouba dam was completed in the late 80s (when it probably was referred to as "the controversial Gezhouba dam" - that's how these things generally go). In any case, this lock marks the entrance to the first of China's famous Three Gorges, the Xiling Gorge. For a map of all this, click here, or for a REALLY huge and detailed one, click here.

We sat on the observation deck in a steadily-increasing drizzle - and waited! There were too many boats, so they announced we would have to wait for the next lock cycle. Immediately all the GCT folks broke and ran for the breakfast line, where we were FIRST!

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