Friday, June 13, 2008

China Day 14: Money Well Spent

This morning we left the Princess Elaine for the last time, and climbed up to street level to explore the city of Chongqing before boarding the plane to Xian. We are taking all of our luggage with us of course, though GCT has porters to move the big suitcases. Fred said we could pay $1 to have the porters lug our carry-on bags up the steep stairs too, and I jumped at the chance!
Poor Dad somehow either missed the announcement or decided not to take the opportunity; I think he regretted that choice...

Once we reached the bus, Irene, our blurry local guide
began telling us about Chongqing as the driver maneuvered the steep and narrow streets. Chongqing is a city on a hill; its nicknames include Kiln City (reflecting its HOT summers, which run from March to October), Artist's City, Foggy City, Mountain City, and No Bicycle City (which I think follows from the previous item in the list). According to her it is famous for pretty women (all that climbing) and henpecked husbands.

Though it's a bit of a hazy day, I think you can get an idea of the city that was spread out before us:

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