Thursday, June 19, 2008

China Day 20: What Diana Did

Today my wee baby brother turns 40. Happy Birthday, John! I'm thinking of you, even with all what's going on.

I didn't get much sleep, what with the food poisoning or whatever has laid me low, so I decided not to push my luck by spending the day on the bus. Instead, I slept, drank water, and around midmorning roused myself enough to go to the convenience store four doors down from the hotel and buy a bottle of Sprite, which I diluted with bottled water and drank for the rest of the afternoon. Fred checked up on me - we happened to run into one another when I was off buying the Sprite, but he made sure I was OK and didn't need a doctor.

I ran out of books to read, since I'm saving my last one for the plane trip home tomorrow. Fortunately there was that TV set with lovely programming in English. I channel-surfed until I found the National Geographic channel, which was running a multi-part special on Marco Polo and the Silk Road. This was reasonably interesting, and whenever I woke up from another nap, there they were at a Tibetan village or the Great Wall or somewhere. It wasn't as good as "The Planet's Funniest Animals" - when I'm really sick, that's my all time favorite TV, utterly undemanding - but it helped a lot.

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