Tuesday, June 10, 2008

China Day 11: Captain's Reception

We had one more event to attend before dinner and a welcome night's rest: the Captain's Welcome Reception. This was an opportunity to meet the crew and go up to the uppermost deck.

Dad and I
were pretty windblown from hanging around on the observation deck, and I had believed the brochures when they said we didn't need to bring formal clothing, so I didn't have any. Never again will I fail to bring one nice outfit on a trip! The crowd circling the finger food tables
was a bit more gussied up than we were. Oh well.

Actually, everybody was blowing in the wind a bit. It's a wonder some of the crew weren't strangled by their own ties.
Freddy the River Guide introduced the captain and the crew, including a couple of other river guides, one of whom is an American (far right)
and who apparently speaks fluent Chinese.

The captain unbent so far as to let Ashley have her picture taken with him.
The crowd milled around, enjoying the scenery,
and I noticed something odd rising at an angle up towards the mist. On closer inspection, it was a marvelous Chinese kite!
I watched it covetously for awhile (then found out they run a hundred bucks or so). Dad and I headed down to dinner as the Princess Elaine sailed majestically on through the gorge:
Scenery like this makes me get all dramatic, don'tcha know?

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