Thursday, June 12, 2008

China Day 13: Items of Interest

En route to our final stop for the morning, I spied several examples of the rare Chinese Knitter in its native habitat!
I am told that knitting is very popular here, actually, but for whatever reason this is the first and only time I saw people knitting in public. It's interesting: long double-pointed needles seem to be the tools of choice here - when I blow up the photos that's the only type of needle anyone seems to be using.

Here's one for the awww factor:
I saw this over and over here in China - just like at home, the young people are working much of the time and Grandma and Grandpa take care of the kids.

The group gathered to wait for some of its slower members halfway up a hill. The place we chose to pause was marked by this:
To appreciate it properly you should click it and view the biggest version that is available. This is an anti-corruption propaganda poster. I love some of the details, such as how the bribe money is always drawn as American dollars, and the bimbos who are the apparent reward of shady living are always obviously-Western buxom redheads...

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