Wednesday, June 18, 2008

China Day 19: Son et Lumière

Dad and I kicked back for a couple of hours this afternoon before getting up again to meet Frank and Alma and a few others for a walk down to the waterfront. Every evening at 8:00 they put on a light show with music and we wanted to see it.

We set forth from our hotel
and looked around the neon-filled streets,
which were as bright as day and so busy we didn't want to cross them unless it was absolutely necessary.
Fortunately this was easy: our hotel was only a block or two off of Nathan Road, one of Hong Kong's main drags:
We got to Nathan and just stayed on the left side of the street all the way down; about twenty minutes' walk takes you very near the waterfront. Then we ducked into this mall underneath the Sheraton Hotel. (Hong Kong puts their shopping spaces in odd localities...) The subterranean mall reaches all the way to the waterfront so we used it as a shortcut. When we emerged, we found the skyline was even more impressive at night:
There was a brief intense rainstorm about then, but it cleared off just before the light show was to start.

The show itself was fun, if not life-changing. The buildings across Victoria Harbor were rigged with lighting that changed color and turned on and off in time with the music playing through a (slightly too far away) loudspeaker:
See how that one building is a rainbow in the first picture and all blue in the second? The fog, which still hadn't gone away, had a sort of dry-ice special-effects vibe:
As soon as the show was over we started walking back uphill (it's always uphill going away from the waterfront). Since dinner is on our own tonight, Dad and the others were talking about where to eat.

Unfortunately, I was starting to feel a bit sick. Remember yesterday, when the girl on the riverboat next to us was washing dishes in the Li? My stomach was starting to not feel good at all. I begged off dinner and went back to the solitude of the hotel room. It's too bad, too - the crowd found themselves an excellent Italian restaurant up an odd little alley where they had a wonderful meal. *Sigh.*

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