Monday, June 16, 2008

China Day 17: Drinks with Dinner

Do you remember when Dad and I ordered those chops (stone name seals) all the way back in Beijing? They delivered them to us tonight at dinner. Now I have to find some way to carry them, but since we're flying to Hong Kong tomorrow, at least we aren't subject to those strict luggage weight limits any longer.

Tonight is a Western-style banquet (tenderloin, yum!) to celebrate our last night in mainland China. At dinner, Fred made a nice speech and brought around a special bottle of wine. Snake wine. Now, either Dad wasn't paying close attention to what Fred was saying, or he forgot those Lonely Planet DVDs we watched before we came. I tasted it, and didn't like it - no surprise, even without snakes I'm not much on strong alcohol. Dad drank his, and mine - and only then took a good look at the bottle:

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