Wednesday, June 18, 2008

China Day 19: Slow Start

Last night we were very glad to get into our room after all the activity - and all the waiting around - from yesterday. It was eleven or so when we checked in, and midnight before we got to bed. The rooms are the smallest we've been in since the boat,
but perfectly comfortable, with an odd pointed window
at the far end which overlooks the busy, lively street:
Our room also contains the first TV we've seen in ages that has any programming in English other than CNN International and CCTV-9 (China's own international broadcast station), not that I expect to spend a lot of time watching it. Dad even found Fox News!

Breakfast works differently here: they issued us dated tickets that we turn in to the maitre d' when we enter. Roll call in the lobby isn't till 9 AM, and it was pretty darn nice to sleep late!

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