Wednesday, June 18, 2008

China Day 19: Overlooking Hong Kong

On the way down the mountain (gotta respect these bus drivers on steep narrow roads!) we stopped at the overlook I noticed earlier. Things were considerably better down here below the cloud ceiling.
The city might have been more impressive from up higher, but it was more visible here!

Frankie pointed out the racetrack
where some Olympic equestrian events will be held, and he told us that the horses are already here, training and acclimating to the altitude (basically sea level), the air pressure, the heat, and the humidity. Poor horses.

As we stood there the fog lifted even further and we were able to see more of the harbor. I think this might be the Typhoon Bay area (Aberdeen):
Or maybe not. Pretty, anyway.

Everybody is starting to realize we only have a day or two left together, so there's a lot of photography going on. I got someone to take our picture
and I got one of Frankie
and one of Fred taking one of me.

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