Monday, June 16, 2008

China Day 17: Intelligence Test

It's not fair - we had to pass an intelligence test just to get our breakfast today!

Here's what happened: the Eighth Annual Pan-Asian Conference on Materials Science is meeting in this hotel and this morning they reserved the main restaurant where we would normally have eaten. The hotel set out a special breakfast buffet on the second floor. Now, they were kind enough to tell us ahead of time, so when we left our room Dad and I went to the second floor.
Do you see any signs? I didn't think so.

We went right. We went left. We saw stretches of this:
with occasional variations of that:
After circling the entire floor two or three times, we lucked out: we were passing the elevators when Fred came down. He showed us the path - through this door:
(for some funny reason I hadn't tried this route any of the times I walked past it...) across the staff lounge
and through the gym
before we arrived at the Promised Land of Breakfast:
I'll admit, I really think I earned my scrambled egg and melon today!

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