Saturday, June 7, 2008

China Day 08: The Cool of the Night

Our bus ride home took about two hours, and the rain broke shortly after we got on the road, whereafter it rained with only short breaks until ten PM. When we got back to the hotel, Dad went down to a special pre-dinner lecture from a man who had been a member of the Red Guard back during the Cultural Revolution. I was just too tired, so I skipped it and just came down for our "Western" dinner.

It's kind of cute - back in Beijing, Fred had explained that a couple of times we would be having Western meals, because when we'd been abroad for awhile we would be "longing for home taste". This Western dinner featured such down-home favorites as fried noodles and Szechuan Chicken complete with chicken feet! (The Chinese include these in food because they are held to make the skin look younger, or so I'm told. I had two helpings!) It was served buffet-style, though, rather than Chinese/family style.

Tomorrow we fly out to Yichang, so Dad and I retired to our room and opened the windows wide while we rearranged our suitcases. The cool breeze coming in was so refreshing!

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