Tuesday, June 3, 2008

China Day 04: One Misty, Moisty Morning

After our big first day, we returned to the hotel for a little nap, which was followed by a banquet in the same room where we had our orientation that morning. We were fed real Peking Duck, in Peking, along with many other delicious dishes. We slept well and are raring to go again today!

Yesterday we were spoiled. The day was gloriously sunny and cloudless from dawn till dusk - a true "blue-sky day". Today is a little different - it can't quite decide whether to rain or not at the moment.

Dad and I booked the optional "Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace" tour for today. We boarded our bus and embarked on a 40-minute drive to the Temple of Heaven. Lilian tells us that to go anywhere in Beijing it takes 40 minutes - and she's not too far off! Viewing the streets out the bus window, I was struck by the bicyclists who were undaunted by the wet weather. They had these cool bicycling ponchos:
fitted over their handlebars. I want one passionately!

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